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Managed Cloud VPS

We provide managed cloud hosting solutions that can scale and grow with your business.

Fully Managed Servers

Cloud VPS features

Our servers offer the best multi-tenant cloud experience, easily scale up or down as needed, while also having similar high-performance enterprise architecture and robust features as bare metal servers.

Scalable Resources

Effortless scale your server resources (cpu, ram and storage) up or down as you need.

SAN Storage

Our hypervisors use SAN enterprise-grade solid state drives (SSDs) to provide fast and reliable storage.

14 Locations

Our managed cloud vps are available in 14 different locations across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Managed Cloud VPS Malaysia

Common Use Case

Cloud VPS Applications

We can setup and install any of the software listed below on your VM.

eCommerce Website

WordPress Website

Laravel Application

Invoice Ninja




Our managed cloud
vps pricing

Don’t spend your time and energy managing your own server. Sign up for our managed cloud VPS today and let us handle the technical challenges while you focus on growing your business.

Starter VPS

RM 200/mo

– 2 CPU
– 30GB SSD
– 3TB Bandwidth
– 1 ipv4
– 50GB Snapshot
– Control Panel

Medium VPS

RM 350/mo

– 4 CPU
– 50GB SSD
– 6TB Bandwidth
– 1 ipv4
– 50GB Snapshot
– Control Panel

Enterprise VPS

RM 500/mo

– 4 CPU
– 60GB SSD
– 12TB Bandwidth
– 1 ipv4
– 50GB Snapshot
– Control Panel

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