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New AMD EPYC Servers Debut in Singapore and San Jose

Zemos Design is thrilled to announce the introduction of the latest generation AMD EPYC servers in two strategic locations: Singapore’s Cyxtera SIN2 datacenter and San Jose’s OpenColo datacenter. These cutting-edge servers are equipped with NVME 4.0 and RAID 10 technology, offering a powerful and reliable web hosting solution for businesses of all sizes.

With a continued commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers, we are thrilled to provide these state-of-the-art servers while maintaining the same web hosting prices. Clients can now enjoy superior performance, increased data redundancy, and faster response times without the burden of additional costs.

Key Features of the New AMD EPYC Servers

  1. Next-Generation Hardware: The new AMD EPYC servers represent the pinnacle of server technology, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability for our clients.
  2. NVME 4.0: NVME 4.0 technology accelerates data access speeds, reducing latency and providing an ultra-responsive hosting experience.
  3. RAID 10: With RAID 10, data is mirrored and striped across multiple drives, ensuring redundancy and data integrity, even in the face of hardware failures.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Zemos Design is proud to offer these high-performance servers at the same affordable rates, giving businesses the competitive edge they need.

Server locations

  1. Singapore: Our servers in the Cyxtera SIN2 datacenter provide excellent connectivity and reach across Asia, ensuring that websites hosted here are easily accessible to a global audience.
  2. San Jose: Servers located in the OpenColo datacenter in San Jose, California, are strategically placed to cater to the high-tech industry hub of Silicon Valley, offering lightning-fast connectivity and redundancy.

Retirement of older servers

As we work towards providing better value for our existing web hosting clients, we will gradually retire our older servers and migrate existing clients to the new servers.

  1. Singapore: Clients located in our older facility are gradually being migrated to newer Singapore facility.
  2. Los Angeles: Clients located in our LA facility have been migrated to our San Jose servers.

Our decision to introduce new servers in Singapore and San Jose was driven by our commitment to providing the best possible hosting experience for our customers. We understand the importance of website performance, data security, and cost-efficiency for our clients, and these servers represent a significant step towards delivering on those promises.

For more information on our web hosting solutions and the new AMD EPYC servers, please visit our web hosting page.

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